Abstract Art

Serenade the centre-piece of Ruth Dent's installation Breathing Space at Kaleidoscope Gallery in Sevenoaks

Breathing Space


Abstract Art


Creating abstract art that represents feelings and emotions through colour and gesture. I’m interested in broken grids, nature, mythology and spirituality, and read, write, walk and photograph to feed my creative life.

Over the past year I have been working on ‘Breathing Space‘ – initially one then three paintings and now  an installation:

A space celebrating nature and the spirit.

A meeting  place.

A place where ideas float, colours mingle and the joy of life is palpable.

A safe haven to free ones mind and set ones spirit free – soaring.

A clearing in the forest.

I invite you to enter…

Breathing Space opens at Sevenoaks Kaleidoscope Gallery on Wednesday 9 January, until Saturday 26 January 2019.


My previous body of work: ‘Visible, Invisible, Veiled’ can be seen in the Gallery.




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abstract art


Scarves: feel elegant, joyful and inspired … wrapped in creative energy


Selected artworks become stunning digitally printed silk scarves, so you can take a piece of art on your travels – wherever you are and wherever you go!

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Made in England.

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Sevenoaks Visual Arts Forum is facilitated by Rosalind Barker and Susan Evans.  They run The KCC Sevenoaks Kaleidoscope Gallery as an artist led space, with members of SVAF.


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