Abstract Art


Parcourir le Labyrinthe de Chartres: 28 x 30cm screen printed circles of Moulin de Larroque paper displayed in 4 x 7



Creating abstract art that represents feelings and emotions through colour and gesture.

I’m interested in broken grids, nature, mythology and spirituality, and read, write, walk and photograph to feed my creative life. Exploring what’s ‘visible, invisible and veiled’, I paint and print, working with acrylics and oils and use paper, canvas, linen and flax threads.

My latest work can be seen in my Gallery.

And I have to leave my lovely Rochester Studio, so am having a ‘Studio Moving Sale‘ before I finally leave, with all the other artists at the end of January.



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Travels with my scarf






And I transform some of my pieces into luxurious silk scarves, so you can acquire a treasure and take it with you on your travels.


These are digitally printed and machine hemmed in England.


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