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Hello and welcome,

Using colour and gesture to express my emotional response to music, literature and nature, I create bold abstracts for you to collect as paintings, prints or silk scarves.

When broken grids appeared unexpectedly in a painting, they immediately captured my imagination, so I’m exploring them – in paint, print and thread.

This growing collection, entitled ‘Visible, Invisible, Veiled’ celebrates life, spirit and nature – in particular trees, forests, the sun and moon.


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Turning Green, 84 x 84cm, acrylic on Moulin de Larroque paper

Turning Green, 84 x 84cm, acrylic on Moulin de Larroque paper


I have taken some of my art off the wall, to enable you to wear my bold abstracts as gorgeous limited edition silk scarves.

Wrap yourself in a work of art, take it into the world, gathering your stories and  memories along the way…

They are made in England, and you can see me here interviewed by Kate Hills, Make it British Founder:



Easily packed for travelling, elegantly worn to enhance your office attire, or flung casually across your shoulders for a relaxing weekend….

…your Ruth Dent scarf will always brighten your day

Scarves to treasure – a gift for yourself or a special friend.


Ruth Dent LEte Packaging on scarf


Designing and making my packaging, I have created an experience for you to savour as you unwrap your scarf.

Unsure which scarf to choose?

I offer free returns within the U.K.





And if you have a question, please contact me directly via email to ruth@ruthdent.com


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