Previous Exhibitions

Britten War Requiem Prints at REM

An exhibition of my Britten War Requiem Prints at the Royal Engineers Museum from 5 September to 17 December 2017.

Royal Engineers Museum, Gillingham, Kent, ME7 1UR


Here’s a glimpse of the exhibition, in the beautiful chapel-like gallery at the Royal Engineers Museum.


Labyrinthe at Le Prieuré

Le Prieuré Le Mesnil Saint Martin, Montaut, 47210, France

An installation created in La Chapelle, combining sculpture, mobiles, paintings and illumination.

Abstract Art Ruth Dent Sabine Dugarry Isabelle Tapie Joël Coupé


Solo Exhibition at Portico Gallery

A selection of my paintings and scarves were at Portico Gallery, 25 London Road, Riverhead, TN13 2BU in February and March.  Here are some views of the show:


Elemental, The Crossing Place, Turning Green and Voyage Out: Land & Sea at Portico Gallery




The show included (far right) Voyage Out: Land & Sea (oil on canvas), where the grids that I am now exploring first appeared, seen here with (from left): Elemental, The Crossing Place, and Turning Green (all acrylic on Moulin de Larroque paper).


Ripped Colours and What is beyond (scarves) and In a state of osmosis



Together with scarves, from left: Ripped Colours and What is beyond, and In a state of osmosis (oil on canvas) the first painting in the Visible, Invisible, Veiled series of work.


The Voyage Out













And the original ‘Voyage Out’ oil on canvas painting which has been transformed into the ‘Voyage Out Centenary Scarf’.

Sevenoaks Visual Arts Forum Open Exhibition 2016

In the Kaleidoscope Gallery from December 2016 through January 2017, this was a diverse group show.



Pictured: In a state of osmosis and The bluebells are out and it’s magic (oil on canvas): Ruth Dent; Frame 4, Black Mirror 2 and Frame 1 (graphite line on 40gsm paper): Rosalind Barker; Study of non-colour (cling film on primed canvas): Sonia Griffin

Papier et Mains at Moulin de Larroque, 24150 Couze, France

When my solo exhibition finished in May, I was thrilled to be asked to leave five prints to be hung in the back room gallery for the summer.  So you can still see Dies Irae l and Offertorium from my Britten Prints, plus Shifting Sand l, V and Vl.


The main room at the Moulin, including a portrait of Georges Duchêne, who brought it back to life in 1972, placed appropriately over the door to the rear and the stairs leading down to where the paper is made.


In the back room, the complete series of Shifting Sand prints and Moon Dance.


Stepping down to a lovely space just above one of the streams running under the mill.

Sun on my face, Lifeforce, Charcoal l and Whirling.

See the exhibition video here

SVAF Open Exhibition 2015 at Kaleidoscope Gallery, Sevenoaks


This exhibition ran from December 2015 to the end of February 2016.  SVAF Open, works from left: David Minton: Mother and Son, Straightjacket for a Child; Margaret Barrett: Migrants’ Boat, Dream Boat; Bill Hall: Drumlin Window; Marilyn Kyle: Homemaker ll; Ruth Dent: What it hides; Andrea Coltman: Remember Me – Hidden Child of the Holocaust (Erica Aged 72), Remember Me – Hidden Child of the Holocaust (Peter, Aged 76); Sonia Griffin: 3 Graces; Angela Carol Stocker: Fallen

National Open Print Exhibition 2015

I was delighted when ‘Dies irae l’ won the John Purcell Paper Award at this London exhibition.


Britten War Requiem Dies irae l

The complete series of 8 can be seen on my Prints page.

Art for Evensong Exhibition


Rochester Cathedral, Altar

Inspired by Choral Evensong at Rochester Cathedral, I created a series of prints, a visual journey through the service, which I called ‘Celebrating Evensong’.  I was thrilled when asked by the Dean & Chapter of Rochester Cathedral to enlarge the images and to paint them onto canvas banners measuring 1.35 x 2.5m, so they could hang in the Choir Transepts.


Rochester Cathedral: North Choir Transept: Hymn (top) and Opening Responses


Rochester Cathedral: South Choir Transept: Prayers (top) and Exit

They were there from October 2012 to January 2013.  Subsequently the exhibition travelled to three more English Cathedrals, visiting St German, Peel, Isle of Man in 2013, followed in 2014 by Worcester and finally Bradford. The photographs below show the exhibition at each location.


St German, Peel, Isle of Man: Nave and West Window



Worcester Cathedral, Nave, South Side



Worcester Cathedral: Nave, North Side: Nunc Dimittus (top) and Creed



Bradford Cathedral, Nave and East Window




Art Silk Scarves