Ruth’s Art Silk Scarves


Ruth Dent art silk scarves

Imagine opening a drawer to oceans of silk, imbued with luscious colour.  I have created these silk scarves from my art so you can wrap yourself in artistic energy and feel amazing.

Choose to match your outfit, lift your mood, make a statement or simply because …

Te Deum Seasons Series

Inspired by John Ireland’s magnificently positive setting of this medieval hymn of praise.

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Ruth Dent Le Printemps art silk scarves


Ruth Dent L'Automne art silk scarves

Ruth Dent L'Ete art silk scarves


Ruth Dent L'Hiver art silk scarves

Voyage Out Centenary Scarf

Ruth Dent Voyage Out Centenary Scarf art silk scarves

Virginia Woolf’s first novel, ‘The Voyage Out, was first published in 1915.

One hundred years later I created an image to capture the spirit of the book, choosing colours for sea, sky and earth, and finishing with a light blue edge to hold it, like text on a page.