Travels with my scarf


Ruth Dent between two of her scarves, as if she's going on her travels

I’m a traveller, who believes that ‘Every Day is a Good Day’, and that the journey is life itself, never simply the destination.

Enjoying each day, the flow of the seasons and being awake and observant – whether I’m somewhere new, or in a familiar place … there are always surprises!

And each day there are decisions as to how to spend that valuable time: in the studio, with family, walking, meeting friends, discovering new places, learning, reading, going to a concert, or to a see a film or play ..?

The list is endless, and it’s up to us …  and I’m certainly thrilled to be here on this amazing planet, with these choices and determined to enjoy and relish every minute!

Travels with my scarf follows my journey, and I hope you’ll join me as I share images, thoughts and ideas …







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