Abstract Art

Abstract art celebrating nature, the spirit and the sheer joy of being alive here and now on planet earth.  Laying down meaning in the layers of paint, from observations of nature and forays into history, literature, mythology plus my own experiences.

Connecting people, knowledge, beliefs, places and times.  Always representing my feelings with colour and gesture and with the intention of  creating an emotional response.

Copper Mars, an acrylic on canvas painting by Ruth Dent. Against a silver background, vertical lines of copper and mars violet flow and wander and occasionally merge. 183 x 90cm
Ruth Dent's Voyage Out Centenary Luxury Art Silk Scarf photographed in the woods, with dark shadows of tree trunks and leaves mingling with the reddish browns, indigo and turquoise of the scarf. 136 x 136cm.

Breathing Space is my most recent work.  An installation with a sonic landscape which started as one painting to embrace, envelop and immerse the Spectator.

Prior to 2015 I worked on interpretative projects, creating pieces in response to Virginia Woolf’s first novel, ‘The Voyage Out’, Benjamin Britten’s ‘War Requiem’ and ‘Choral Evensong’.

Exhibiting in solo and group shows in England and France, my work has been seen in galleries, cathedrals, a theatre, priory and moulin.

I've recently been featured in House of Coco, in an interview by Laura Bartlett.

Do take a look and you'll get more than a glimpse into what I've done, what I'm currently working on and future plans.

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Turning Green, an acrylic on handmade Moulin de Larroque paper by Ruth Dent. Inspired by a particular tree which I passed most days one spring, as the leaves unfurled. A swirl of blues, greys, yellows and greens. 84 x 84cm. Abstract artwork.
Ruth Dent's L'Automne art silk silk scarf showing off its orange red background with blue and golden swirls. Photographed against a blue sky as it hangs from a wire canopy covered with vines.

Art Silk Scarves

I create luxury art silk scarves  - so you can feel elegant, joyful and inspired - wrapped in creative energy.

The luxury art silk scarves are digitally printed and machine hemmed by highly skilled craftspeople in Macclesfield - England’s ‘Silk Town’, which has its own ‘Silk Road’.

I choose a silk which matches the image in texture and feel, plus I design my own packaging, making it a treat for yourself or someone special to receive and open.

Then you can step out confidently wearing your limited edition silk scarf.

And if you do meet someone else wearing the same scarf - well I hope you would smile, laugh and compliment each other!

Pathways Silk Scarf on a bentwood chair, showing its bolds triangles, rectangles and diamonds of reds, yellows, oranges and pinks, plus the lightness of the habotai silk upon which it has been digitally printed.

Pathways Silk Scarf


Red and yellow give way to bright orange and shocking pink; mottled blocks resemble well worn stones in this rich, symmetrical scarf. Pathways Scarf always adds a splash of colour, brightness and warmth whatever the season. Inspired by memories of…

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Voyage Out Centenary Scarf


Red earth, blue skies, turquoise rivers and seas. Weather and adventure; a voyage to a distant land. Voyage Out Centenary Scarf celebrates the centenary of the publication of Virginia Woolf’s first novel, The Voyage Out. To capture the spirit and…

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Luxurious folds of crepe satin silk, as What is held within Silk Scarf is draped over a chair, showing a multitude of colours and the layers of broken grids which create the design.

What Is Held Within Silk Scarf


A vibrant mix of blues, yellows, greens, purples and violets. A multitude of broken grids with each colour partially hiding another – drawing you into the drama. What is held within can only be worn for dramatic effect. If you…

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