Mixing colours with emotions to celebrate life on Earth


Celebrating nature, humanity and the spirit.

Accepting that we need darkness to see the light.

Celebrating nature, the spirit and the sheer joy of being alive on planet Earth.

Always representing feelings with colour and gesture and with the intention of  creating an emotional response.





I walk, observe, think and remember what I see, hear, smell and how I feel.

When I step into the studio there is a desire to create something that is alive and which speaks to our emotions.

So I use colour, shapes, lines and gestures - usually in layers.

Then it’s over to you.


What do you see, and how does it make you feel?


If an artwork reaches out to embrace you, that’s perfect.


As you have closed the circle and the artwork becomes whole.

Working in series.   Connecting observations of nature, spirituality, history, literature, mythology with my own experiences.

Here’s my work, starting with the most recent series:

The Small Paintings
The 'Q Series'
The Day the Sky Shattered and Flew Away

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Breathing Space
Visible, Invisible, Veiled
Britten War Requiem Prints

Exhibiting in solo and group shows in England and France, my work has been seen in galleries, cathedrals, a theatre, priory and moulin.

Shifting Sand Prints
Art for Evensong and Celebrating Evensong
The Voyage Out