About me

I mix colours with emotions to help people celebrate life on earth.

You’ll find me out and about in every season - armed with my camera, curiosity and a sense of adventure: walking, watching, gazing.  Noticing shapes, lines, patterns, adjacent colours, shades, hues; scents, textures, movement and sound.  I listen to trees chatter and to running water.  I talk to the birds, watch passing clouds, stargaze and smile at the moon.

Nature feeds my soul and sparks my imagination.

In the studio, any of those captured moments may be present, as I choose colours and gestures to express feelings and emotions, creating original abstracts for you to collect as paintings, prints or silk scarves.

Skywards through the Evergreens

Change the dynamics of a room with a joyous centre-piece and experience living with original art; watch sunlight shimmer over the surface, emphasising tones and textures or see shadows beneath the handmade paper edges.

Style your outfit with a scarf matching your vivacious spirit. Or spread happiness and send a gift-wrapped scarf direct to a treasured friend.

Always observing, thinking and imagining, I have work in private collections in the UK, France, Denmark and the U.S.

In 2015, Dies irae (1) won the John Purcell Paper Prize at the National Open Print Exhibition.

Photograph of reflected leaves, branches and the sky in a river in summertime
Ruth headshot WIHW

Art Silk Scarves

Ripped Colours silk scarf is a bold multi-coloured symmetrical design in red, turquoise, blue, olive green, yellow, pink and peach. Taken from a screen print which used torn paper as a stencil. Digitally printed on crepe de chine and available in 3 sizes, a 90cm square, a 136cm square and a 68cm x 200cm rectangle. Made in England.

Ripped Colours Silk Scarf


A bright and breezy symmetrical pattern of layered yellows, blues, reds and pink. Many colours make it especially versatile. Use Ripped Colours to draw attention to a particular colour you’re wearing, or to add radiance to a plain dress. Originally…

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What is beyond Silk Scarf is a warm mix of reds, pinks, and peach colours over glimpses of silver. Originally an acrylic painting. Digitally printed on luminous crepe satin and available in 3 sizes, a 90cm square, a 136cm square and a 68cm x 200cm rectangle. Made in England.

What Is Beyond Silk Scarf


Luscious reds, pinks and peaches mingle like a veil over glimpses of silver. A stunning melange of warm colours to match/enrich your complexion. Wrap yourself in What is beyond and experience a sparkling rosy glow. This scarf looks fantastic if…

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What Is Held Within Silk Scarf


A vibrant mix of blues, yellows, greens, purples and violets. A multitude of broken grids with each colour partially hiding another – drawing you into the drama. What is held within can only be worn for dramatic effect. If you…

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