About me

Nature feeds my soul and sparks my imagination.

You’ll find me out and about in every season - armed with my camera, curiosity and a sense of adventure: walking, watching, gazing.  Noticing shapes, lines, patterns, adjacent colours, shades, hues; scents, textures, movement and sound.  I listen to trees chatter and to running water.  I talk to the birds, watch passing clouds, stargaze and smile at the moon.

Expressing feelings and emotions.

Choosing colours and gestures to capture what I have seen or experienced, I create original abstracts for you to collect as paintings or prints.

Any captured moment, image or recollection may be present, as I work in the studio. One never knows what will happen inside that precious space.

The best that can happen is that a piece resonates with you; inspires you to look again, and maybe for you to see differently.  Always with appreciation, affection and amazement for the beauty of what is all around us - in nature, and in every one of us.





My studio is situated in South West France, south of Bergerac, in one of the bastides.

I move between there and Kent, in the UK.  At the moment, I'm in the UK, using the dining room table as a makeshift studio and having to embrace the constraints and challenges that this is forcing upon me!

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Always observing, thinking and imagining, I have work in private collections in the UK, Belgium, Denmark, France,Germany and the U.S.

In 2015, Dies irae (1) won the John Purcell Paper Prize at the National Open Print Exhibition.

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Ruth Dent wearing her luxury silk scarf, what is held within.