Breathing Space

Breathing Space evolved from ‘Visible, Invisible, Veiled’ which explored natures broken grids.


It draws many aspects together: elements of and meanings from the ancient ways, linked with Christianity and my experiences of places, including Cathedrals, Buddhist Stupas, Hindu Temples, Stone Circles, the Labyrinth at Chartres – always coming back to nature.

And a question: ‘Did cathedrals, temples, stupas and labyrinths originate in the forest?’

Breathing Space started as I worked on a painting to embrace, envelop and immerse the Spectator, using ‘The bluebells are out and it’s magic’ as my starting point.

Panoramic photograph of the interior of Serenade, the central piece within Ruth Dent's installation, Breathing Space. The three central canvases: Blue and Red, Red and Yellow and Yellow and Blue can be seen. These represent three steps around the colour wheel. A contemporary abstract art installation.

‘Serenade’, the central piece came first, followed by the five portals, drapes and finally the sonic landscape (a collaboration with Alec Dent).

Breathing Space celebrates nature, humanity and the spirit.

The bluebells are out and it's magic is a dense oil on canvas abstract painting. A pale blue background holds areas of burnt siena, pewter and grey, the colours of the tree trunks, overlaid with grids of violet, lilac and deep blue. 100x100cm.

How I arrived at Breathing Space.

Looking back and joining the dots, to uncover some of the influences and experiences that shaped my thoughts and how they developed and revealed themselves in this installation.