L’Hiver Silk Scarf


Chilly winter days are captured as a maelstrom of viridian, blue and silver bursts against a backdrop of the palest grey-green. Swirls of red dance at the edge.

Exhilarated, you’ll enjoy wearing this cool, flamboyant design in every season.
Revel in the drama!

L’Hiver uses gestures and emotions found in John Ireland’s setting of the Te Deum, paired with seasonal colours. One of the four Te Deum Seasons Series of acrylic paintings.

Digitally printed onto light and flowing habotai silk, chosen for its softness and translucence.


L’Hiver is a 136cm x 136cm square silk scarf.


Buy two of the ‘Seasons Scarves’ for £220.
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Applies to Le Printemps, L’Été, L’Automne and L’Hiver.

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