Ripped Colours Silk Scarf


A bright and breezy symmetrical pattern of layered yellows, blues, reds and pink. Many colours make it especially versatile.

Use Ripped Colours to draw attention to a particular colour you’re wearing, or to add radiance to a plain dress.

Originally a screen print using torn paper as a stencil – hence ‘Ripped Colours’. The bumps and dips of the handmade paper appear as areas of deep colour where the paint pooled, or as white specks where it missed completely.
A print from the ‘Visible, Invisible, Veiled’ body of work.

Digitally printed onto crepe de chine, which was chosen for its matt surface and texture resembling paper.


Available in three sizes:

A 90cm x 90cm square (£160) and a 136cm x 136cm square (£180).
These are both the same except the 136cm has been enlarged and shows even more detail.

A 68cm x 200cm rectangle (£170).
Cropped from the square to include the same centre, plus more length of the design.

  • Comes Gift Wrapped In A Specially Designed Handprinted Envelope.
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  • Made In England
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