What Is Beyond Silk Scarf


Luscious reds, pinks and peaches mingle like a veil over glimpses of silver.
A stunning melange of warm colours to match/enrich your complexion.

Wrap yourself in What is beyond and experience a sparkling rosy glow.
This scarf looks fantastic if you’ve some reddish tones in your hair.

What is beyond captures the luminosity of a moonlit night, seen through a veil of reds, applied in many layers, virtually obscuring the original silver marks.
A painting from the ‘Visible, Invisible, Veiled’ body of work.

Digitally printed onto crepe satin silk and deeply pigmented on both sides – chosen because it is soft, folds beautifully and shimmers in the moonlight.


Available in three sizes:

A 90cm x 90cm square (£160).
The pattern of the 90cm square is denser and closer to the scale of the original painting.

A 136cm x 136cm square (£180) and a 68cm x 200cm rectangle (£170).
These two have a looser, expanded pattern, which accentuates the criss-crossing lines creating the grids and triangles of the ‘veil’.

  • Comes Gift Wrapped In A Specially Designed Handprinted Envelope.
  • Available Exclusively Online
  • Made In England
  • The Perfect Gift For Yourself Or A Friend
  • Free Worldwide Postage & Packing
  • Free Returns In The UK