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The Stars and the Moon

Shining brightIn the dark dark nightThe stars and the moonIlluminate the gloom Eyes glowOn Earth belowSweeping the darkFor dazzling sparks Reflected lightShines bright tonightAs white holds swayFrom so far away Closer and closer must we goTo see the splendid colour-filled showFor in the dark, in the deepAre the visions that we seek

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In a luminous spaceColours gyrateAs they move to and froWith the musical flow SpinningTwirlingSmilingFreely dancing Go find a luminous spaceMake those colours gyrateAs you move to and froWith the musical flow SpinningTwirlingSmilingFreely dancing

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Earlids EP1 Visualiser

Using paint and light, I created a visualisation for Earlids’ first EP. Four tracks: Intro, Tyran PTI, Spills and Tyran PTII. A continuous flow of colour and sound for 14 minutes. Watch ‘full screen’. Enjoy. Find Earlids EP1 on Spotify, Apple Music, iTunes and Amazon.

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Q – Expressions

These small acrylics are expressions of my feelings during ‘lockdown’. Away from the studio, and working on the dining room table, I deliberately limited myself to one, two or three colours. They can be emotionally raw, or combine the raw with gratitude for nature seen during my daily walks. Quite often, I would setup colour…

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Looking Back

A different viewLeads awayArrives with youHere today Twists and turnsSurprises tooNo returnTo a previous you Challenges facedMonsters tamedYou’ve sung and dancedMy! … How you’ve changed!

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Skyhorse Clouds jostleThunder ripplesSky ringsFuming Waves surgeBubbles burstCrests riseClashing Sparks flyEye spyTail spinGalloping Blue rolling Yellow whirringWhite silenceGreen glimpsed

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