Travels With My Scarf


I’m a traveller who believes that ‘Every Day is a Good Day’, and that the journey is life itself, never simply the destination.


Enjoying each day, the flow of the seasons and being awake and observant – whether I’m somewhere new, or in a familiar place … there are always surprises!


Each day there are decisions as to how to spend that valuable time: in the studio, with family, walking, meeting friends, discovering new places, learning, reading, going to a concert, or to a see a film or play.


The list is endless, and it’s up to us … and I’m certainly thrilled to be here on this amazing planet, with these choices and determined to enjoy and relish every minute!


Travels with my scarf follows my journey, and I hope you’ll join me as I share images, thoughts and ideas.



Travels with my scarf is Ruth Dent's luxury silk scarf strapline
Ruth Dent wearing The Voyage Out Centenary Scarf, sitting on a beach and looking out to sea

Art Silk Scarves

Pathways Silk Scarf on a bentwood chair, showing its bolds triangles, rectangles and diamonds of reds, yellows, oranges and pinks, plus the lightness of the habotai silk upon which it has been digitally printed.

Pathways Silk Scarf


Red and yellow give way to bright orange and shocking pink; mottled blocks resemble well worn stones in this rich, symmetrical scarf. Pathways Scarf always adds a splash of colour, brightness and warmth whatever the season. Inspired by memories of…

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Voyage Out Centenary Scarf


Red earth, blue skies, turquoise rivers and seas. Weather and adventure; a voyage to a distant land. Voyage Out Centenary Scarf celebrates the centenary of the publication of Virginia Woolf’s first novel, The Voyage Out. To capture the spirit and…

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Luxurious folds of crepe satin silk, as What is held within Silk Scarf is draped over a chair, showing a multitude of colours and the layers of broken grids which create the design.

What Is Held Within Silk Scarf


A vibrant mix of blues, yellows, greens, purples and violets. A multitude of broken grids with each colour partially hiding another – drawing you into the drama. What is held within can only be worn for dramatic effect. If you…

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